The Best Camo for Group Hunting

HECS® hunting clothing can improve your outdoor experience, but what if one person in the group isn’t wearing our patented technology? This can throw everything off. When you’re looking for a successful hunting excursion with your friends, it’s important that everyone reduces their EMR. The way HECS® technology works is that we weave a carbon grid into our clothing that effectively blocks your electric energy, which is something animals can pick up on.

Need a good tip to make a better hunting trip with your friends? Having fun is always important, but if you want to have a successful trip, then everyone in your group should wear HECS. Even if one person is not wearing HECS®, they can alert animals of your presence. This means your outdoor adventure won’t be as successful as you want it to be.

Birds, fish and mammals have a unique ability to detect our presence by picking up on the electrical energy we put out. It’s always important to point out that HECS does not make you invisible to any animal. What it does is let you get closer for a shot. That’s what makes HECS® the best hunting camo on the market.

Effective Camo for Hunting Adventures

Not only does HECS camo help with the hunt, but it will provide a better outdoor excursion for you and your friends. Everyone will be able to interact with nature better than they have before. When everyone is wearing HECS® technology, you are reducing stress and impact on both the animals and the environment, and this gives you a more natural encounter and interaction with nature.

Are you planning a group hunting trip? Now’s the time to witness the power of HECS technology. When everyone wears HECS®, you’ll have a more successful hunting adventure with your friends.