Frequently Asked Questions About HECS®

Learn more about what HECS® does and the benefits of our advanced hunting technology by reading through our FAQs.

Human Energy Concealment Systems

HECS® products can be purchased directly from the HECS® website online or over the phone at 541-575-4327. We are open week days 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Pacific Time.

Fit Guaranteed – For worry Free Ordering. HECS® takes pride in customer satisfaction. If any piece of your order does not fit right, send only that piece to HECS® regardless of where you purchased it with the original receipt or name, address and phone and what you want to exchange it for. You may also call or email our team to explain the problem and we will help you decide what the proper fit would be.  Items being sent back for exchange must be in new condition and in original packaging. There will be no exchanges on closeout items. Exchanges must be made within 30 days of the original purchase. Mailing information to exchange items:
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You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. Depending on where your delivery address is located, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary. If you are shipping an item over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

HECS® has warehouses in both the United States and Canada stocked with a variety of products. If your purchase is shipped to Canada from our United States warehouse, any taxes charged will be refunded to you. To expedite your purchase, we ship from the warehouse that stocks the item rather than wait for the item to be stocked in one of our Canadian warehouses. HECS LLC cannot omit or pre-pay the taxes for these purchases, so if you would like to estimate your total tax costs please utilize this calculator: 

If your taxes were refunded to you, then you will be responsible for paying them when you receive your shipment.

You can view HECS LLC Canada by visiting

The HECS® camo suit and baselayer come packaged together and contain a shirt, pants, and headcover. You should order your size by what you wear in a regular cotton t-shirt in men’s sizes. We researched extensively and have had very good success with this method. The pants are more adjustable so the shirt is the most critical. While we can split sizes on top and bottoms we highly recommend against this. Unless you have a very atypical body type, in almost all cases the customer is sorry when they split sizes.

The basic HECS® suit, as well as the base layer, come with the shirt, pant and basic headcover/ face cover. Gloves, socks, multirag, and ball caps are sold separately. The 3 piece suit covers about 98% of the body and is enough to see a difference in almost any situation. We do recommend gloves for bird hunters/watchers/photographers as birds see the electrical radiation visually and as such are the most affected by our technology.

The HECS® socks are a heavyweight over the calf type sock that also adds some valuable coverage. HECS® ball caps are extremely lightweight breathable and comfortable and are made from HECS® material but do not add significantly to the coverage if worn in conjunction with the headcover. Please note HECS® black baselayers were designed for use in ground blinds or for our tactical market and contain a black multi-rag face cover instead of the standard Camo headcover.

The HECS® suit is very easy to care for. For terrestrial suits, just machine wash in your favorite detergent. Hang dry for longest life or dry on low heat for only a few minutes (please note in some dryers HECS® clothing will not be picked up by dryer sensors and will not shut off automatically). It is recommended that you hand wash and hang dry the head cover as the draw string can sometimes hang up in the machine and damage the product. Also you can use any of your favorite scent sprays, insect repellent and the like without damage to the suit. Use extreme caution when using ozone dry wash systems with your HECS® gear.

Raw ozone in heavy concentration is extremely destructive to HECS® carbon yarn (Please note: Exposure of HECS® fabrics to Ozone dry wash systems which put raw ozone directly on HECS® fabrics may void HECS® warranty.) HECS® has extensively tested the effects of ozone on HECS® fabrics with almost all currently available ozone units. The only system that we have tested that will not harm the HECS® grid over time is the Ozonics brand dry wash system.

This is because to our knowledge the Ozonic system is the only one that uses a baffle system to channel the raw ozone around the garment but not actually force it though the fabric. Ozonic also uses a clean air rinse that we believe also helps to alleviate the deterioration of the fabric issue. Also, we have found no evidence of harm to HECS®fabrics by using an ozone generator in the hunting woods (treestands, Blinds ETC.) Bottom line Ozonics brand ozone systems are fine to use with your HECS® suit.

Our base layer and our camo suit both start with the same energy-blocking HECS® technology and are created differently to accommodate different climates.

The HECS® camo suit is a lightweight, loose-fitting layer constructed from breathable material suitable for warmer climates. It works well as an outer shell for layering or the primary article of camouflage clothing you wear. It is most effective when worn as the outer layer.

The HECS® base layer is made from heavier fabric, similar to activewear thermals, making it an excellent option for cool weather locations. It is mid-weight, form-fitting, and made to be worn under your clothing. Our base layer fits well under our camo suit.

A single HECS® layer will block up to 90% of your body’s electrical output which is enough to drastically change your electrical signature and keep you concealed in most situations. Wearing multiple HECS layers will capture the remaining energy emission.

A single HECS® layer will block up to 90% of your body’s electrical output which is enough to drastically change your electrical signature and keep you concealed. While multiple layers do increase the blockage we have not seen significant benefits from multiple HECS® layers in our testing.

The HECS® base material is made from a polyester-based fabric and will not shrink under normal conditions and care.

The conductive carbon yarn we use to attain the technological advantage is actually woven into the fabric during production. It is a very intricate process that can be accomplished only with special proprietary methods however once the yarn is woven in it is very stable. As such we have seen our garments last over 5 years with normal care and use.

See product information for full warranty details.

No. While HECS® does contain a significant amount of carbon which does absorb a certain amount of scent (certainly a positive) however, the main purpose of the technology is to block and hold in capacitance the naturally occurring electrical radiation our bodies emit. These fields are proven to be detectable by many animal species. See the HECS® Technology page on the website for more details.

We try to keep all items in stock and ready to ship at all times. Once we receive your order it will ship out either the same business day or the next-day depending on when we receive the order. Standard shipping is USPS priority mail however UPS delivery options are also available. In most cases, standard shipments within the continental U.S. are received in less than 5 business days. In the rare occurrence that an item is out of stock, we will give you the option to backorder (your order will be put on the “fill first” list) or cancel the order.

HECS® technology can affect some electronic transmission from items such as some FM radio transmission frequencies. HECS® will not affect your cell phone signal or most Bluetooth signals.

While it is indisputable that our electronic devices do emit electronic energy it is very important to realize that man-made electronics in any form have only been around for a very short time on an evolutionary level. What we emit as living beings is an extremely low-frequency field and is very different from energy fields emitted by common electronics. While there is some debate on whether or not animals can sense these wavelengths of energy we can say with certainty that they have not had enough evolutionary time to develop a natural defense mechanism to those fields. Living beings have been emitting these fields for eons and thus animals, birds, and fish have developed natural sensitivity to these fields and instinctively react to them. With that said however, we have heard many reports of HECS® material being used as covers to make game cameras less detectable. This is certainly a feasible concept and ongoing research is in process to verify to what extent our technology can affect these devices.

That is purely a personal choice. HECStyle camo utilizes a proprietary digital print design that is made to blend into your surroundings on the visual level. HECStyle anywhere was designed to be worn in almost any terrain while HECStyle green was designed specifically for those areas where the foliage tends to be darker and greener. Again since most people use HECS® under other clothing it is a moot point in that situation but for those who use it as an outer layer, the camo is an important consideration.

The short answer is yes if you want the full benefit of the technology. Certainly having any HECS® on will reduce the electrical emission and be beneficial but to see the full effect of HECS® in the field we strongly recommend that everyone be wearing it.

Different species react differently to our electrical radiation and also the intensity of the fields vary greatly from one person to another. In General terms birds are the most sensitive of the land animals to naturally occurring EM fields emitted from living beings. We believe they can see these fields visually and as such, they can pick up on them from a great distance. The HECS® effect on most common animals like deer and many other mammals generally can be observed at distances under 40 yards however we have seen some instances where the effect is apparent at much further distance up to 200 to 300 yards or more. Canines, cats, and bears are very sensitive to EM fields as well and we have seen effects at distances over 200 yards with these animals. A recent discovery found that canines actually have the highly electrically conductive molecule Cryptochrome in their eyes. This is the same molecule that is believed to be responsible for electromagnetic sensitivity in birds. As more and more scientific discoveries are made in this field the more HECS® technology is being confirmed. There are other factors such as atmospheric conditions and the age and experience of the individual animal that also can affect animal reactions. Sometimes the benefits might be subtle but many times they are obvious and indisputable.

While HECS® will not claim to prevent animals from becoming aggressive or attacking and causing harm, reducing our electrical signature can reduce the chances of aggressive encounters with some animals. We have often seen a reduced aggressive behavior from dogs, bears, and other large “predatory” animals. Many times they act more confused than aggressive when they encounter a person wearing HECS® technology. Sharks are well known to sense electrical radiation from their prey during attacks so it stands to reason that eliminating those fields could naturally reduce the chances of a negative shark encounter. IMPORTANT! Animals and fish (such as sharks) are very unpredictable and there are many factors that can trigger aggression. HECS® will not keep you from being attacked! It is always the responsibility of the individual to exercise caution and common sense when in areas where dangerous animals are present.  HECS® technology is nothing more than a tool to help reduce the chances of aggressive animal behavior. Realize and accept that it is still completely possible to be attacked by an animal or fish while wearing HECS® technology and HECS® assumes no responsibility for any individual who is harmed while wearing our technology.

In truth you can’t. We list our products at our Suggested retail pricing on our website however there are several discount codes available by which you can get the product at our MAP price (which is the lowest price possible for authentic HECS® products). If you do not have a code, call or email us for more information on how to get the discounts. BEWARE — If you purchase your HECS® product from an online retailer like Amazon you will need to go back to them for any returns or exchanges. HECS® does not accommodate returns or exchanges from customers of third-party sellers. While many sellers do a great job in this regard unfortunately some do not.